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 hannah provides a modern take on period, maternity, postpartum and light incontinence management with sustainable solutions for people who require the products.

Specialising in a range of OCS100 certified organic reusable pads, menstrual cups, and other supplementary eco- products that are in the forefront of supporting healthy lifestyles and a happy planet for generations to come.

 Our goal is to work with people to educate and breakdown stigma surrounding topics of menstruation, to reconnect them with their natural inner workings and continually develop suitable options in our range of products.

 hannah offers top quality and thoughtfully designed solutions without the use of harsh chemicals by prioritising both your health and Mother Nature. Reuse, recycle, and compost are efforts that we consider and encourage people to partake with the pure and minimal nature of our products.

Our leak-free and worry-free products are the personal care product of choice that can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle (day or night use).

Heathy, You, Happy, Planet!

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